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December 14, 1956     The Western Star
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December 14, 1956

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Page 6. TI WESTERN STAR, COLDWATEtL KANSAS Friday, December 14, \\; Back in The Older Days Of Comanche CounW 25 Years Ago This Week (Frora the Star of Dec. 11, 1931.) "On Tuesday of----&apos;is week Fred , who has been manager ot the Naticml Food Store in this city, took charge of Dakin Bras'. Hce Store in Protection. Nlneteen students in the Coldwater high school awade the honor roll dur- ing the past six weeks. "Ihey are: Marie Schat]e, Yerda ae Dale, A honor rot]; Clayto n ker, Lottie Bibb, Florence Hzey, Luane Dick- insc avera Hecht, Lola Krotff, Dorothy artirt Clifford lotmt, ibb, Jlmior yon, Darlene ly, Ansel Iic Marjorie AIderdice, Rex Gossett, tich Lyon, arie Mathlas and Aberta I-Iiner, B honor ro. hmst Kwl Neumazm, Attorney C, enerl of New Mexico, whose home is in Cmisbad, and Miss lzabeth :illen Hogue, also of that city, were ,mited in marriage in the First IMethadit church in that city on ,Wy, December 2, 1931. The ceremony was performed by ,Rev. J. C. Jones, the pastor. ,Mr. Neumann is a son of :Mr.  Mrs. E. W. /qeu- m, who now live ear Greens- burg. -A motion was heard  Ford county court in the case of riggs Bros. of Protection vs. the Santa Fe Pat]way Co. A little over a rear ago they shipped 30 head of rodeo horses from Clista and when they arrived at a point in Oklahoma in a closed car they were all dead rom suoca- t/on. Born, on Thursday, November 26, 1931, to Mr. and Mrs. Imster Neu- mama, who live near Green,sburg, a d.ughter, Bertha Louise; on Tues- day, December 8, 1931. to Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Hackney of the Lookout neighborhood, e son, William ,Max. Jacob Reiss returned 'last Satur- day from Oklahoma City, where he had taken 69 at hogs which ever- aged 240 pounds. They brought $4.40 per cwt., the top price that 'day. Good hogs but a chea price. 35 Yem Ago This .Week (Fro the Stax af Dec. 9, 1911.) The first snow of the winter fell last Friday and was about two inches in depth. Q.  Hardesty of the oktvter Produce has bought more than 1200 turkeys of Ckmmche county v,n-n. era, paying 33c er pound. eonard ailace, son of r. ad . I. Wallace of this city, died on Thursday, December 8, the reset Of a abcess of his throat. Wilson, Hazel Jackson, Arthur Avery, Gladys Taylor, Welter ri.s,  Chester Sver, Mabel Yotmker and Romola -Iam; itermediate grade-- Maude Kehl, Rut Jackson, Clara Hase, lora and Florence Nokes, Verde Vaughn, Mashie, Ruth Lowry, Ble Ogle, 'Lucerne Wefl- drop, Fay Ham, Willie Moore, Albert Fridiey and Iorae Rich; 9rin%ary grade--Doris Rosel, Carl Ogle, .Willie Younker, wis Griffith and Charlle Jackson. Married, one day recently in A, Ore., vrank ey amd Miss &abel Roberts. Frank is a son of Mr. and Mrs. Ira Hlley of this county, The couple have de best wishes of many friends here. NEW 4-H CLUB ORGANIZED A group of youth met to organize a new 4H Cub Tuesday, November 27, at the  ,Baker home .south of Protection. . County Agent Ken Jameson and Olga Saffry, H. E. A. Leader, met with the group and eplained the ,mrose and organization f a 4@I Club. Mr. Jameson reslded over the meeting until Lester Robinson was elected president The other officers elected were: Wendell Seizer, vicepresident; ,Priscilla Selzer, secretary.trea,rer; and R0berta Baker, reporter. The name chosen or the new club was Collier Flats 4-H Club. It was decided by he group to hold the regular meeting te third Monday of each month. The meet- ing place wilt be at various clu.b men, hers' holnes. The leaders elected for the club are Mrs. Bety Robinson and Lloyd 1-okney. There were 18 members and 17 parents present. Members who previously belonged to other clubs but who joined this club are: Lester and (Mike Robinson, Li, nda" nd Vesta Mae Rhodes and Jenice Hackney. New men,bets arc: Priscilla, Wendell and Dvid Selzer, Linda and Elaine Beyler, Joamn Zimmerman, Francis d Murl Baker. Carolyn Eubank, Marsha Hackney, Jh rmie Ray utts and Richard and Ro Baker. Tahe next meeting will be on Jmtm/ 21, 1957, at the Chester .Baker ome.Reporter. ---------o-o-- WHAT FORM OF ADVERTISING .... ? Who hotusewie is the purchasing gent in most American home So every producer and seller of goods must be itally concerned with what dvertising medium she inds most inRluentiai when it caes to making out her shopBin list. The I11inols Consumer AmsIFsis recently condcted 5,000 interviews in 15 /1Bnois markets in which this qestl was asked: "Wvat forth of advertising do you  the most Avis Ne delighter helpful in buing general merchan. ofKr, amirs. -._ W. Nemnam, has, , dlse,'. The 9mswers were.- mewm bee quite i with dphtheria, limbers, 50 9or cent; television, 8.5 ugar has sold In CodwaterlP er cent; nmgane, 6.7 per cent; dm'ing the pest week for as low as radio, 1.1 per cent, $4L45 per sack. Two year ago it sold The newer media serve their ur- for $28 per sack. iMis Jennie .ghtner retraced the th'st of this week to %lmneda, Ctf., where she makes her home with her motr. She had made a mmeer weeks' viitIn Coldwater with her [athex, John A. ghtnef'. Mlss Christa Hartshorn was cled to Aline, Okl Wednesday by:the death of a uncle. eta Guyot went to Wllmore mrsday to do some beoakeeping for the W%Imore rdware. Little John Platt received a badly ralned leg last week when hls Shetland <my threw him. lffx. oad Mr Harry Horde moved to the Aetna. %Iarry wl feet eattte for John AtrLngten this winter. on Wednesday, r 5, pm, to Mr.  r Cm4ey Lm. ctz & dauter. (From the Star o Dec. 7, 1906.) k. D. Shaw of Medlcte  is lookh fter  ranch interes in Ufls county on ,Wy. He and A. V. Mci%oberts were in Cokl- water on Tuesday. . J. Wallis, now a resident of ':Lwton, eke, is visiting with rknuis in this city. He was a mer. chamt in Coklwater  1884 to 1889. It is reported that T. J. Curraa has about consummated e deal for the sale of his 4000 acre ranch in this county to some Winfield parties. S. N. E. Vance of Protection re- tmmed on -Yiday from a visit with] a brother in lobe, Ariz. [ frs. J. E. Harbaugh made a vit th week with relatives in Medicine Sup(. W. L. Dunbar report the l following pupils neither absent nor l tard or the third month n he] Coldwater schools: High school--[ I-I, Ullia Rlch and Esle[ "rorrey; grammar m-a4--Cmm I pose and are here to stay--but noth. h- can suplp4mt or eClUl the local n in the esteem and interest of the puhllc at large. Iader43ourler. When ve hear a hum gglr proudly that he is as good as ay- body, it looks as ff he was begin. ntng to have scne doubts about i .--_Tader.Courler, King- The slher Of one wl  you that any normal /earId can wear out a pair of shoes in tvo weeks and R bby sitter in two hottrs. Empor Czette. mg underwear seas aparent. ly isn't very' r away, it be crevptng up on you  than you thin Office on Central Avenue Phone 90 COIWATER, KA DIL ERI'flT K OPTOMETRISTS Phone $3 Greenburg, Kanm Phone 98 123 South Central Coldwater. Kansas ELECTROLUX -- Sales--Servic-Supplie Free Home Demonsirations Phone 42 Coldwer, Ifxmsc PRESIDENT ENCOURAGES CHRISTMAS SEAL SALE President I)wght D. Einsehower has empressed the lpreciation of the American people for ,the vork gainst tuberctflasis rted by he Christmas Seal ale in a mes- sage to Dr. 'Hvard H. Bosworth, president of the Natio 'Ibe-'u. losis Association. according to word received by Ralph I. Canteson, M. D., president of the Kansas Tubercu. .losis and Health Aocla/don. alling attetion to the 50th Chrtnm Sea Sale, which opened Novem,ber 15 and  continue through ber, Preslent ]Disen. h,er said R has the 'pport and appreciation v Americarc every. were." "With funds raine each year dur- ATTENDING COLLEGE AT HAVILAND, KANSAS The Friends Bible College, Junior College and Academy (high school) are combined on one campus as a cITurch-related school at Haviland, Most of the 150 students are "board- irg students," on the campus 24 hours a day. Studen in the school fram Cold- water are: Buddy IKardot, college Schomore and son of ,Mr. and Mrs. larence ardot; Mary Ellen ,Hewett, college Sophomore and daughter of Mrs. Geneva Iewett; Phyis lank, oaXey Senior and daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Plank; and [ev. Bob Wiiarns, College Sopho- more m pastor of the Prairie Vale Friends church, Coldwater. MAss Hewett is a member of the ing the Christmas season," he co- colege 40-volce choir, singing irst tined, l'he etlonal Tuberculosis I lto. Association md 'is atfll4ates across SA----0-N --E-LE the courKry are )erformixtg Sl)lendid O I ............... Subscribe to the WichRa Daily WrK at nls over,resent am- a " " [ ........ E gle by moil through the Western [ease.  am sure my leuow CltiF-cS Star =tthoi-, s=o,,+ o+ + f,, II continue to take am effective lowtn rices ..... 1 g p : aormng arm mun- Tart n the battle with tuberculosis da ' y, one year. $7.50; five months, through the Christmas Seal pro- $3.00; two months. $1.00. gram." 51-if. THE WESTERN STAR. -O-O --O-O .Horace Jones o the Lyons News It is ,being demonstrated every snorts his disgust for this reason: day that f a man goes to sleep "Here we've been slaving or 35 holng a steering wheel he is liable years on a newspaper for our first to wake p holding a harp.Fred million, and are still $990,000 short,, Cloud. while this young Presley makes his in six months with sideburns, a guitar and the St. Vitus dance." unless... you get CHANNEl PAASrfS %f:00o 00V]/antenna ,z== No other TV Antenna has ever had such ira- mediate acceptancel There's no longer any real roan to lot annoying "anew" ruin yor tavodt "IV pntama Not when you can bare tim crisp, clear ptctur made poulble by Chcamel Maotw'8 new "T-W" antenna. The "T.W" bflnge t etatiomJ miloo looe to I Thfllllng holiday proqrams are comlaq I Got a "T-W" now. and anJoy %bmnat th Your Local TV Dealer has a CHANNEL MASTER "T-W" for yow roof. Better Ne him today ! ii .... ",'L.'2 """ .ILl J J. 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BUTCHER Coldwatr, Kmmas Whether its a carton or a carload, your shipment.gets ca[ul handling and special attention every mile of the way on the Santa Fe. For safe  yet swfft freight service, call: your local Santa Fe agent