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September 5, 1941     The Western Star
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September 5, 1941

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r Eye Opener By THAYER WALDO (1&apos;cClure Syndicate--WNU Service.) FIBERG pulled pensively at lobe of an outstanding ear protested: it don't make sense! I'm tell- when he passes me in the morning I ain't even recog- him!" grinned and nodded. oen't get over it. Those terri- pants he used to wear day for months without a publicity man put a match lis cigarette. and the lumberjack sweat- with no shirt underneath. And or four days between shaves. certainly was a rare looking Belligerent about it, too." nudged him with a knee the little table and muttered: from devils, look who came in." Garrison glanced around. inside the cafe entrance stood Chatting momentarily with scenarist. A beige feather- felt was in his hand; it blend- with the rich rough his tweed suit. Spotless oxfords showed beneath the cuffs. publicity man said: "I'll have !agree with you; it doesn't seem There he is---the snap- fashion plate I've seen in And yesterday he looked like the cat wouldn't drag in. I'm going to try getting the another moment the man they watching turned slightly; Gar- caught his eye and beckoned. up a chair, Sam," Garrison "and rest it. You're due a little cross-examination." writer smiled affably, nod- Fiberg with a cheerful, "How You, g. L.?" and seated him- The publicity man pursued: here, old boy: You can say tone of my business how come sudden change in habits, but no good. Everyone on this to make it his business, might as well come clean to of pals and forestall the Now I know there must dame in it somewhere, but let's the whole story." Miller tilted his chair back Precarious angle and balanced His attractive but usu- aoody face now wore a grin good humor. Louis," he drawled; "but hard,boiled approach? Did NEW SUBSCRIBERS AND RENEWALS The following persons subscrib- ed for or renewed their subscrip- tions to the Star during the month .of August: Mrs. Clara Ridge, Coldwater. Loren /Herd, Coldwater. J. Frank Smith, Coldwater. Howard Sandberg, Coldwater. H. V. Klingensmith, Coldwater. Truman York, Sitka, Kans. Frank Dodson, Coldwater. Marvin Bird, Florence, Colo. Walter M. Carleton, Manhattan, Karts. Albert Oller, Coldwater. Mrs. R. M. Cooper, Coldwater. Ry McLaughlin, Protection. Earl D. Thompson, Sedalia, Mo.. Ben J. Smith, Mason City, Ia. M. E. Jordan, Wilmore. Western Light & Telephone Co., Kansas City, Kans. Mrs. Rosa Perkins, Gold Hill, Ore. Mrs. A. A. Ward, Coldwater. Clyde Blackard, Coldwater. Laurel Peterson, Coldwater. Guy Crowe, Coldwater. J. R. Streeter, Coldwater. Mrs. H/L Harden, Wichita. C. H. Chadwick, Coldwa,ter. Chris Nickeon, Deere Island, Ore. Louie Gleyre, Coldwater. Jack C. Bliss, Camp Colters, Tex., per Mamie Brown. Prvt. Wm Finney, Ft Mills, P. I., per Mrs. Oscar Carter. C. A. Griffith, Coldwater. Mrs. E. E. Parker, Lookout, Okla. C. R. Thomas, Protection. Mrs. D. T. McIntire, San Marcos, Calif. Paris Alley, Wih-nore. R. F. Thomas, Protection. Ira T. Burditt, Coldwater. Ellis Sisters, Coldwater. Pike Hotel, Coldwater. Mrs. E. A. Powell, Arcadia, Texas. T. E. Guss Jr., Coldwater. J. L. Alley, Wilmore. Detbert Kerr, Eggers, Colo., per J. L. Alley. Mrs. M. M. Thompson, Neder- land, ,Texas, per J. L. Alley. W. S. Lytle, Coldwater. J. M. McCay, ColdwoJter. Harmon .Herd, Coldwater. Clifford R. Hope, Washington, D.C. Win. B. Carter, Clearwater, Karts. say I wouldn't talk?" Mrs. Mary Publicity man and Fiberg X- ville, 'Ill.  ..... quick g!ances-_ exactlyT/" Garrison said; thought--" you thought I'd go self- and bark at you. Well, You see before you a to the last detail, a superb of the triumph of love over candor stuns me," Garri- cOmmented drily, "but suppose let us have facts." you say, pard- in too beatific a state of to take offense. The answer with that new super- revue show of ours, 'Fables l.' DO you follow me?" YES!" the publicity man put I'm even a couple of ahead of you, Sam. Don't I Earle Whyte arrived just with a load of damosels New York production? It's those very ladies, all right what a queen! For the first my logical and weil-ordered I'm moved by what is referred to as the tender laughed shortly and his head. 'boy," he stated, "you're cer- proof that miracles Tell me, which one is girls?" Miller indulged a "Truth is, you. I've only seen her I passed by your of- The whole bunch of there, and this one just rne like a ton of bricks. But I Speak to her or anything be- well, right then it first on me that I looked like a of rag picker." earnestness had come into tone. As he finished, nodded gravely, ther him toward the restau: A tall dark-haired girl and was crossing to where they sat. Miller gaze, saw her, and let with a sudden slam. he whispered excitedly, m hOWl Come on, Louis--- her name--introduce just stared at him. Then stopped beside them Proofs .you wanted have the printers, Mr. Garri- man saw a dum- ession displace the ea- face. Suppress- he looked up and .an- Joyce--rll be right at them. Oh, by the note of this: Here- ?re interviewing cbor- lots, please or something, so the been here five yOU." E. Beeley, Aren Mrs. E. G. Tharpe, Protection. L. R. Sunderland, Moscow, Kans. H. Paul Deewall, Coldwater. Ralph Deewall, Coldwater, per Paul Deewall. Orville Deewall, Stillwater, Okla., per Paul Deewall. Geo. W. Rohbins, Coldwaer. F. H. Mob.erley, Wilmore. James Herd Jr., Wilmore. L. T. Tivnmons, Cldwater. Mrs. G. C. Deyoe, Wilmore. Wm. McCrary, Coldwater. Susie Sanders, Sitka. Aubrey Morris, Coldwater. Ernest Oiler, Coldwater. Jack Barnes, Coldwater. Victor Gates, Coldwater. Clair Pepperd, Long Island, N.Y. V. W. Pepperd, Coldwater. E. A. Dickinson, Coldwater. Wallace White, Coldwaer. Mr. and Mrs. Vaughn Coles, Coldwater, per Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Marls. o-o FOR REN.---Office typewriters, by the day, month or week. The Western Star. 33-tf. A lush growing year for Kansas gardens will mean full entries in the classes for home-canned fruits and vegetables at the 1941 Kansas State Fair which will be held in Hutchin- son September 14th to 19th. Canned goods, cakes, crocheting and other fancy work are now being prepared by many Kansas womeq for en trance in the many women's classes at the Oficial State Fair. i THE WESTERN STAR, COLDWATER, IS YOUR HOME SAFE? We associate a comfortable sense of security with our homes. When our children are out in the evening, we listen for the click of ,the latch, and the sound of the closing door, and are grateful when they return home ,safely. Yet--more persons are fatally ino jured in accidents occurring in the home and its surroundings, than in any other place, including the highways. The home offers sanctuary for the sick and weary. a place of contentanent and hap- piness for the family. If we would eliminiate common accident haz- ard.s, and common dangerous practices, we could really be safe at home. The 1,362 accidental deaths in the state last year were clasisfied as follows: home, 30; motor ve- hicle, 495; occupational, 187; pub- lic (other than motor vehicle), 150. If Kansvs women would do a few simple things to make their homes safer, hundreds of lives would be saved in the state every year. We know that "falls" are the chief cause of accidental deths in the home, and that if women would stop waxing their floors too highly, and stop using the small, appropriately named 'throw' rugs, many fatal and non- fatal falls would be prevented. Keeping floors and stairways clear of toys and other objects would help too. A common and very dangerous practice is startling or hurrying fires with kerosene or gasoline-- this tkes a number of lives by fatal "burns, every year. Children less than five years of age are frequent victims of ftal home accidents--drowning, fire, poison- ing, and falls--and so many of these deaths could be prevented +by the use of a roomy play pen for safeguarding the child while" he cannot have the close super- vision of an adult. Accidental poisonings could practically all be prevented if poisons for raedicinal or household use were kept in high, out of the way places. These suggestions are based on a study of accidental deaths, and observance of them would save many lives in Kansas. Is your home safe? o-o Vitamin A in Apricots Babies born with a silver spoon in their mouths are pretty apt to'' find cod liver oil in the spoon--so exacting are the demands for vita- min values these days. Most youngsters are given cod- liver oil or other vitamin A and D concentrates from the end of their second week until they are four or five years old. Babies have no corner on the vita- mins, however, for adults are turn- ing to them increasingly often. Sometimes we almost forget that vitamins can be found in foods as well as in tablets at the drug store. One of our most outstanding vita- min A foods is dried apricots. Their average vitamin A content is 7,579 international units per 100 grams. By grams is the way the dietitians and doctors figure it, but we house- wives are accustomed to buying food by pounds. Since there are 453.59 grams in a pound, we'll find 34,378 international units of vitamin A in a single pound of dried apricots as they come from the grocer's helves. I BUSINESS CARDS HOVCDY Poultry Raisers: My incubator is in operation. First Hatch Sept. 4th. Hatching on orders. P 1 a c e orders three to four weeks in advance. Same high quality chicks you re- ceived last spring and the same courtesy. SMUTZ HATLHERY Protection, Kansas R. C. KORFF Dentist Phones: Office 20; Residence 193 Coldwater, Karts. R. A. J. SHELLEY Physician and Surgeon Up-to-date equipped office Including X-ray. Coldwater, Karts. PROFESSIONAL EYE CARE Phone 37 Greeasbttrg, ]fmnsl. MISSIONARY MEETING The Women's Missionary Soci- ety of the Presbyterian church met Tuesday afternoon, August 26, in the church parlor for their birthday meeting. The president, Mrs. B. F. Arn- old called the society to order with the call ,to worship. The song, "When They Ring the Golden Bells," was sung as a dedication to Miss Carrie Kirk. Mrs. R. C. Colas was the lead- er. The subject of the lesson was Social Education and Action--the Christian side. Mrs. Coles read the scripture DR. R. M. PLATT Veterinary Office Phone 50 Proration, IT,,ns. KANSAS Page 5 The 1942 Corona will solve your typewriter problems. See it. tf I MOVING TO IICHITA Virgil MeIntyre, who had been working in the Brewer drug store here for some tithe, went to Wich- ita a few weeks ago and is now taking training in airplane con- struction. Mrs. McIntyre plans to go to Wichita next week. They will sell their furniture at auction next Saturday in Coldwater and plan to live in an apartment in Wichita. o-o There, laught that off if you ca, said the fat man's wife as she sewed a button on his vest with wire.--Hanover Democrat. Cut FlowersPot Plants Flowers Telegraphed Anywhere R. D. BARNHART FLORIST Phone 92 tiH t t t Philippians 3:13. Christianity has ........................................................................................................ not failed, but Christians have, was brought out by Mrs. Coles. Mrs. Kirk offered prayer for five missionaries in China and Cuba. Solo by Mrs. Weber, "For You I Am Praying." Solo, "Give U,s Thy Heart," Genevieve Kimple. Social Education and Action Playlet, "The Law," showed how parents help children to break She laws. A talk, "The Church In Time of War," was gi'en by Mrs. Willard. Mrs. Coles read a poem pertain- ,-ing to'the church in time of war. "Stewards of the Fellowship of Action," Mrs. Alma Pepperd. The names of the charter members of the society were read. "Social Education and Action belongs at the heart of the total program of the church. If a churctt is not active it is lacking in social education," was the ,thought given us by Mrs. Coles. During the social hour the hostesses, Mrs. Oscar Taylor, Mrs. Nick Pepperd, Mrs. Jack Jacquiss, and Mrs. Todd, served punch and light and dark cake. o-o Boss (to office boy who had come m late): "Young man, you ought to take a lesson from the busy bee." Office Boy: "I did, sir. I was out last night with my honey."- lina Journal. U. S. NAVY RECRUITING OFFICER PRESENTS APPLICANT WITH NEW "BADGE OF HONOR" .... :.:.:..::': ...... ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: : ', :::::::::::::::::::::::::: !: i:!:::::: :i'i::: :: ":' :i .. ':: ::::::: ::::::::.. -.: . -::::::. ..... :::i :i::?:!...'.." : : ::::::'.::<::: ii',iii00iiiii0000!',iii!!00il COMMANDER F. K. O'BRIEN, of the U. S. Navy Recruiting Service, is shown here placing the new Navy "Badge of Honor" o.: the lapel of an applicant for enlistment in the Navy. (Badge shown above at right.) All ambitious young men who apply for service in Uncle Sam's "Two-ocean" Navy, whether accepted or not, are given this new badge as a mark of their patriotism. To learn of the many opportunities the Navy and the Naval Reserve offer, local men of 17 years and over can get the official illustrated free booklet, "Life in the Navy," from this news- paper's Navy Editor. Full "Quart SANDWICH SPREADSALADoR each 25c Washo PowderSap 24 oz. pkg.. 15c Laundry Bleach SOAP P. & G.'OR C. W. Large Bars QUART BOTTLE lOc 6 for Pinto Beans Cudahy's Bacon FIVE POUNDS 5 lbs. Zephyr Coffee Vacuum Packed, 23c Value lb. 19 Kerr Lids OR PEN JEL Squares Extra Lean, Sliced lb. 17 Alaska Salmon Pound Can 19 FLOUR 48 Pounds Sunbonnet Sue $1.55 SYRUP NO. 10 GOLDEN pkg. lOc Cookies FRESH SHIPMENT POUND 1200c 15c 17c Whole Golden 00anlam Corn 6rain can !Oc PRICES FEC IVE--SEPTEMBER 5, 6, 8 AND "Ko ke's Grocery ...... p I{ATI]